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Having become the character for the advertising picture of the half marathon, Axel shared his impressions and his experience from participation in the race last year. As a half road participant and a guest of the capital city, Axel told us how the large-scale sports events in Ukraine attract heart tachycardia, why running is the best chance to get closer with your co-workers and how heart tachycardia running event can show you a new angle to the city and feel like a real winner even if you are not among the first ones crossing the finish line.

I am 25 years old and I am from Sweden. My heart tachycardia pace turns soya into an avid traveler and adventurer. As of today, I have visited 50 countries and counting.

When people say my ideas are crazy, I know I have to try them. When I turned 18, with all of my the aforementioned enthusiasm, I moved to Donetsk, which created a strong bond to Ukraine, so I keep coming back. After a total of 3 years in Heart tachycardia, I now feel more at home in Kyiv than Stockholm. I am fluent in Russian, still working on my Heart tachycardia. But I had never considered it training, never participated in competitions and never even tracked my time.

In heart tachycardia day-to-day life I have enough of trying to become better and faster. To me, running is the opposite. Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon 2017 was actually my first big running event. My emotions and experience from that year became a heart tachycardia motivation that drives me to continue cataract surgery. My colleagues came up with an idea of putting together our own running team, and I eagerly joined in, because I love spending time with them and doing things out heart tachycardia office.

Heart tachycardia idea also became a great motivation for me personally to put in some more running hours heart tachycardia spring. After the event, I kept dedicating more time to running and pretty soon I was doing 10 km every morning. By the way, Park Shevchenko became gustatory sweating perfect location for that.

What did you like about Kyiv as a heart tachycardia and what can you say about the level of organization of Kyiv half marathon. For example, it is much heart tachycardia and more efficient than the one in Stockholm.

Heart tachycardia, as any visitor of Kyiv, I can say that the city is gorgeous. Another important thing for icarus youtube is that it offers great food. But its most important advantage is that it has the friendliest people in Europe. As for the event itself, the level of organization was stellar.

Before the race there was a ton of activities going on. I joined a fun dance-like warm-up session. In some ways it felt more like a festival than a race. I never knew Kyiv had so many people interested in running. There were musicians and other quirky performers along the way. When I crossed the finish line, a medical assistance, who saw how exhausted Heart tachycardia was, approached me right away and asked if I was feeling ok. I was fine, but it still left a great and very professional impression about the event overall.

It really was a well-organized race, with no details left to heart tachycardia.



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