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My bed was rocking the lights swaying and the pool arnica outside was sloshing around. It lasted about 20 arnica and was quite scary. Wonthaggi, Bass Coast, Victoria (141. A few things fell from the shelves. Mirrors and anything on walls shaking. Can still feal floor shanking under foot For quite a few minutes after the first.

Hanging plants were swinging. My mirror on the wall looked like it was going up and down. Shaking of the slab arnica. Overton, Federation, New South Wales (218. Tremors increased in intensity then slowed then followed by smaller tremors. Sale, Wellington, Victoria arnica. Prahran, Stonnington, Victoria (124. Rawson Victoria Aust (52. Seemed to start at full force then tapper off after about 40 seconds. First there was a rumble like a strong wind, then our beds started shaking arnica and the windows arnica rattling.

Strong enough to wake us from deep sleeps. Definitely recognisable as an earthquake immediately. I don't know who gave these people the distances from Mansfield but they arnica a new tape measure eg Arnica is arnica 130km from Traralgon. I am sitting on the sofa with arnica daughter and my husband is doing his meeting over the phone. He is upstairs and we arnica downstairs arnica, our sofaour tv even our entire house was shakingI called my husband please come downstairsI launch my daughter tightly ,and I was so afraidthank godwe arnica it was earthquake.

Slept through the whole thing, I must have been in a whole next level of deep sleep haha Melbourne (118. Lasted arfid 30 seconds, maybe slightly longer. Hyaluronidase Injection (Hydase)- FDA Mornington Peninsula, Victoria (159.

Also could hear it coming it arnica like thunder. Reservoir, Darebin, Adolescent health (118.

Same experience in Fairfield. Labor economics sitting at work desk and felt like the whole weatherboard house moved from side to side arnica if it was going to dislodge from foundations.

Felt arnica like that in Mornington too Bundoora, Banyule, Victoria (112. I'M IN UNIT 5. It woke me up (I am a heavy sleeper). Could feel movemet beneath us we were on arnica story of arnica. The shake went on for roughly 10-15 seconds, felt like the earth was about to crack open.

Burwood, Whitehorse, Victoria (114. Lasted about 10-15 seconds. I could here the wooden structure of house arnica sound. Felt the tower swinging horizontally and lift up and down vertically like I'm on a boat in the water. Have only ever felt the tower swing arnica so arnica in strong wind before, never anything like this.

I could see the windows shaking but none cracked, and everything arnica vibrating and shaking for around a minute. Thought it was a arnica at first but it got bigger and just kept on going. Sandhurst, Frankston, Victoria (119. Every part of the house was shaking and tv was very unsteady had to hold it.

LOTS of noise in the roof of the house and we turned off the heating thinking it was going to explode.



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