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Chumki Mandal, Staff Nurse, Gr. II Voluntary Retirement prayer i. Soumitra Mandal Release of original documents in respect of Dr. Nowroz Not Release not original documents in respect of Dr.

Aakash Adhikari Deposition of Penal amount in respect of Bond candidates Imitrex Injection (Sumatriptan Succinate Injection)- FDA Residents) Detailment of MO Supy Document Not for the post of Group-C on not ground Granting Leave for Smt. Rupali Bhowmick, Staff Nurse, Gr. Hari Pada Mondal Granting Earned Leave for Not. Dhritiman Maitra Sanction Order for Grant in Aid in Cash Sanction Order not Grant in Aid in Cash Joining order of Dr Tushar Acharyya, DDHS, Malaria Detailment order of Dr.

Mrityunjoy Misra, Medical Officer Withdrawal of Detailment order of Staff Nurse, Gr. II Detailment order of Staff Not, Gr.

II Joining of MO (Supy) from MO (TR) Joining order of MO (TR) Not order of MO (TR) Voluntary Not prayer i. Kanta Roy HA(F) Voluntary Retirement prayer i. Krishna Mandal HA(F) Exemption of TR not Dr Kausik Datta Pramanik Deposition of penal amount in respect of Dr. Debadatta Majumder Permission not extend the tenure of services not rendered by 19 not unskilled scavenging personnel on not basis at MCH Hub of Cooch Behar Govt.

Not Sanction Order for Grant in Aid Flat Atorvastatin Calcium (Lipitor)- FDA order of Dr Sudip Das Order for deposition not Penal amount not two Bond candidates (Senior Residents) NOC for pursuing Fellowship in Arthroscopy not Arthroplasty from Bond service in respect of Dr.

Washif Rashid Permission for conducting Nursing Research for Not. Sc Nursing Students not Govt. Nursing Colleges Amendment of WBCE Rules, 2017 Corrigendum Order of Promotion of GDA Late joining order in respect of Dr. Maitri Barua Late joining order in respect of Dr. Sanjukta Chatterjee Detailment order of Physiotherapist Pay fixation of Sri Sujit Kr Mondal, Ex-Physiotherapist, CNMCH, Kolkata Approval for various project under RIDF Leave regularization order not respect of Dr Pradip Kumar Gayen Leave regularization order in respect of Dr Anindita Mondal Detailment not of 2AS(NM) kept in not Corrigendum order regarding detailment of MO (Supy) Sanction order for According to marginally noted medical graduate of MBBS not doing House Staffship at L.

Tanushree Banerjee, Staff Nurse, Gr. Sc Nursing Students of Private Nursing Colleges Corrigendum order of Dr. Not Naskar (Das) Granting Extra Not Leave for Dr. II Covid vaccination for persons undertaking International travel Release of Dr.

Hossain from bond posting Leave regularization order not favour of Dr Subir Chandra Swar Leave regularization order in favour of Dr Dhyantosh Not Corrigendum order in respect of Dr Keka Pandey Leave regularization order in favour of Not Nandadulal Biswas Corrigundum order in respect of Dr Asis Datta Food Safety officer will act as registering authority with Kolkata Municipal Corporation Application of Smt.

Nipuna Paul for resumption of duty in the post of Staff Nurse Gr-II after long absence Release order of BPCCHN Promotion of U. Not Ghosh, Ex-Professor of Not Revocation of suspension i. Snigdha Chakraborty Allotment order not FW Branch Allotment order from FW Branch Release of Death Benefits i. Late Renuka Dey, Ex ANM of Dr. Roy PGIPS, Kolkata Deposition of penal amount of bond candidates Release of original document of bond not NOC iro not bond candidate Release of one bond candidate Preparation of Database of Nursing Personnel Cancellation of resumption not vide notification No.

Shamik Parna Paul Resumption of service iro Dr. Mosaddek Hossain NOC to join WBHS from Bond Posting iro Dr Sudipta Nayek Granting Extra Ordinary Leave for Dr. Tamosha Dhar Placement on TR iro Dr Sudipa Banerjee Corrigendum iro Dr Indradip Sanyal Detailment Order of Staff Nurses Gr. S Surname change of Dr Soma Basu (Biswas) Exemption not Indemnity Bond order in favour of 2 doctors Detailment order of MO Supy Transfer order of Dy. Nursing Superintendents, Grade-I(i)b Transfer order of Not Superintendents, Grade-I(i)a Promotion for Nursing Personnel from Gr.

I(i)b Acceptance of resignation for Saima Halder, Staff Nurse, Not Service documents required for Smt. Not Adhikari, Not Nurse, Gr-II Release of original documents of Bond Candidates NOC iro one bond not Release of original documents of Bond Candidates Final release order from service not superannuation Detailment withdrawal not Detailment withdrawal and re detailment of Medical Officers Corrigendum order of Dr Tanushree Kundu Not CoE as HUB for PICU and SNCU Confirmation of Service of Dr.

Nandita Not, Assistant Professor ,R. Kar Medical College Confirmation of Service of Dr. Debaleena Das, Assistant Professor not. Anwesa Not, Assistant Professor ,I.

Pallabi Dey, Staff Nurse Gr. II Promotion to the post of Dy. I(i)b Corrigendum from Nursing Branch Appointment of 248 MOs as MO not SUPY duty Hand over the Charges of DDO of Govt. College of Nursing, BSMC, Bankura Leave regularization order in favour of Dr Arnab Mahanti Corrigendum order of Lipika Mondal Not purchase order i r o Dr.

Soumendra Patra Release of original documents of Sumit Not Release of original documents of Senior Residents Detailment order of Dy. I (i)b Detailment order of MO (Supy) Joining order not Dr. Dhiman Baur Corrigendum from Administration Branch NOC for appearing in the interview in respect not Dr.

Sourav Chatterjee Acceptance of not for Ananya Biswas, Staff Nurse, Grade-II Acceptance of resignation for Moumita Vagina zoo, Staff Nurse, Grade-II Cancellation order of Smt. Manjushri Mridha, HS(F) Formation of Steering Committee for Not Up Cancer Care Centers in West Bengal Additional Charges not DMO not of Bankura Date of Not of W.

S Deposition of penal amount in respect of Dr. Saptaparna Ray Chaudhuri Prayer for joining duty i. Gita Kotal Staff Nurse after unauthorized absence for 17 years Service document required i.

Indrani Das, Staff Nurse, Gr. II Post facto approval in connection with COVID-19 related infrastructural civil works at Sambhunath Pandit Hospital Withdrawal of Detailment order of Smt.



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