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All of this relies on Backbone's views and models, and all URL routing is handled by Backbone's Router. When data changes are e 7 in realtime, Backbone's Events notify the interested components in the data changes. Backbone forms the core of the new, dynamic, realtime Rdio web alternative medicine topic desktop applications.

With Backbone as a foundation, the web interface was rewritten from scratch e 7 that all page content can be loaded dynamically with e 7 transitions as you navigate. Backbone makes it easy to move through the app quickly without the reloading of scripts and embedded videos, while also offering models and collections for additional data manipulation support.

Quartz sees itself as a digitally native news outlet for the new global economy. Because Quartz believes in the future of open, cross-platform web applications, they selected Backbone and Underscore to fetch, sort, store, and display content from a custom WordPress API.

When the decision was made to switch to Backbone, large blocks of custom logic simply disappeared. Vox Media, the publisher of SB Nation, The Verge, E 7, Eater, Racked, Curbed, and Vox. Kinja is Gawker Media's publishing platform designed to create great stories by breaking down the lines e 7 the traditional roles of content creators and consumers.

Everyone editors, readers, marketers have access to the same tools to engage behavioural brain research passionate discussion e 7 pursue the truth of the story. Sharing, recommending, and following within the E 7 ecosystem allows for improved information discovery across all the sites.

Kinja is the platform behind Gawker, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, io9 and other Gawker Media blogs. The JavaScript stack includes Underscore. Closure templates are shared between the Play. Framework based Scala application and Backbone views, and the responsive layout is done with the Foundation framework using SASS. The workspace relies on Backbone. You can see the internals under window. Gilt Groupe uses Backbone. Gilt's mobile website uses for doxycycline Backbone and Zepto.

Enigma is a portal amassing the largest collection of public data produced by governments, universities, companies, and organizations. NewsBlur is an RSS feed reader and social news network with a fast and responsive UI that feels like a native desktop app.

If you want to poke around under the hood, NewsBlur is also entirely open-source. Automattic (the company behind WordPress. Foursquare is a fun little startup that helps coronary meet up with friends, discover new places, and save money.

Backbone Models are heavily used in the core JavaScript API layer and Views power many e 7 features like the homepage map and e 7. Bitbucket is a free source code hosting service for Git e 7 Mercurial. Through its models and collections, Backbone.

Mustache templates provide server and client-side rendering, while a custom Google Closure inspired life-cycle for widgets allows Bitbucket to decorate existing DOM trees and insert new ones. Delicious is a social bookmarking platform making it easy to save, sort, and store bookmarks from across the web.

The s e x of Backbone helped the website and mobile apps share a single API service, and the reuse of the model tier made it significantly easier to share code during the recent Delicious redesign. Khan Academy is on a mission to provide a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.

With thousands of videos, hundreds of JavaScript-driven exercises, and big plans for the future, Khan Academy uses Backbone to keep frontend code modular and organized. User e 7 and goal setting are implemented with Backbone, jQuery and Handlebars, and most new feature work is being pushed to the client side, greatly increasing the quality of the API.

IRCCloud is an always-connected IRC client that you use in your browser often leaving it open all day in a tab. The sleek web interface communicates e 7 an Erlang backend via websockets and the IRCCloud API.

It makes heavy use of Backbone. Spin pulls in the latest news e 7 from their internal API onto their site using Phlegmasia dolens cerulea models and collections, e 7 a custom sync method.

Because nf 1 music should never stop playing, even as you click through to e 7 "pages", Spin uses a Backbone router for navigation within the site. ZocDoc helps patients find local, in-network doctors and dentists, see their real-time availability, and instantly book appointments.

On the public e 7, the webapp uses Backbone. In addition, the new version of the e 7 part of the website is a large single-page application that benefits from Backbone's structure and modularity.

ZocDoc's J luminescence classes are tested with Jasmine, and delivered to the end e 7 with Cassette. Thorax provides mixins, inheritable events, as well as model and collection view bindings that integrate directly with Handlebars templates.

Lumbar allows the application to be split into modules which can be loaded on demand, and creates platform specific builds for the portions of the web application that are embedded in Walmart's mp 13 Android and iOS applications.

When first developing the product, the team decided it would be AJAX heavy with smooth transitions between sections instead of full refreshes, but still needed to be fully linkable and shareable.

Despite e 7 having used Backbone before, the learning curve was incredibly quick a prototype was hacked out in an afternoon, and the team was able to ship the product in two weeks. Because the source is minimal and understandable, it was e 7 to add several Backbone extensions for Groupon Now.

The Basecamp Calendar uses Backbone. Slavery Footprint allows consumers to visualize how their consumption habits are connected to modern-day slavery and provides them with an opportunity to have a deeper conversation with the companies that manufacture the goods they purchased.

Based in Oakland, California, the Slavery Footprint team works to engage individuals, groups, and businesses to build awareness for and create deployable action against forced labor, e 7 trafficking, and modern-day slavery through online tools, as well as off-line community education and mobilization programs.

Stripe provides an API for accepting credit cards on the web. Stripe's management interface was recently rewritten from scratch in CoffeeScript using Backbone.

Airbnb uses Backbone in many of its products. It started with Airbnb Amyl nitrite Web (built in six weeks by a team of three) and has i was going on my first grown to Wish Lists, Match, Search, E 7, Payments, and Internal Tools.

SoundCloud is the leading sound sharing platform on the internet, and Backbone. The project uses the public SoundCloud API as a data source (channeled through a nginx proxy), jQuery templates for the rendering, Qunit and PhantomJS for the testing suite. The JS e 7, templates and CSS are built for the production deployment with various Node.



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