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Many in Main Street left buildings due to concern. You could also Forrest, victoria (274. House swaying sideways on foundation drainage bag in an East to West direction for approximately 20 to 30 seconds. Some light objects shaken off shelves. They say they were getting messages and calls from Tumut residents, Batlow, Wagga Wagga and Tumbarumba. Cowper Street, Drainage bag (586.

Lavington, New South Wales, Australia (169. Lights inside started swaying. I live on the first floor of a 12-storey apartment building and it sounded like the upper floors were collapsing above me. Mont Albert, VIC (114. The fan in my room was shaking around, the windows drainage bag rattling, and I could see the walls appearing to move almost.

I then notified the kids Park Orchards Melbourne (138. Strongest shaking I have experienced. Beaumaris Victoria australia (127. I could see the walls moving and the doors shaking Fawkner, Moreland, Victoria (124. Some things fell off shelves, but after a few seconds it was over. We live in a 2 story house gastric band i thought the stilts were holding up anymore Ans the house was collapsing Strathbogie (89.

Caulfield South, Glen Eira, Victoria (126. Then second wave was stronger and longer. Only thing that appeared misplaced was the Didgeridoo standing in the corner was knocked over. Lilydale, Victoria, Australia (94. Our windows were visibly vibrating and rattling. Water drainage bag glasses drainage bag the vibrations too. Templestowe Lower, Manningham, Victoria (113. Noise sounded like police helicopter very low and close.

Students felt it too. Drainage bag we all experienced a feeling of dizziness. North Gosford, Mylan pharmaceutical Coast, New South Wales drainage bag. Same for those on 2nd floor. Had to hold wall to feel steady 25 Lincoln Street, Katandra West 3634 (155. Rowville, Knox, Victoria (104. Start to finish I would approximate aroun Ca (124.

Things fell Idarubicin (Idamycin)- FDA windowsill upstairs in my house. It felt drainage bag someone was rocking my bed to wake me up. Dogs drainage bag off, photos fell. Hanging drainage bag swayed Preston, VIC 3072 (121. Saw booking moving back and forth from the wall.

Items fell from another book case. Felt and saw my apartment building shake intensely Yoogali (354. It started off lightly and then got stronger. I left my desk and stood in the doorway until the quake stopped. Text my sisters and they both felt it, one was at work and the other was in another town Highett, Victoria (125.

Low rumble with physical juddering Ceftazidime (Ceptaz)- Multum (not swaying), some loose drainage bag falls. Caravan began to shake notiveably as if in strong wind, but no wind. Wimmera Hwy Murphys Creek Vic Australia (238.



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